2 Months!

Today Lilleigh is two months old!

This month Lil has...
  • Gained better control of her neck. She lifts her head side to side when put on her tummy.
  • Mastered breastfeeding. I can now sit her on my lap, as if she's sitting up, to feed. No more Boppy or My Brest Friend. Her latch has also greatly improved. Now nursing truly is painless.
  • Started sleeping through the night! 7-9 hours is a good night. Sometimes she's still only sleeps 5, but that's better than 3, which is what a lot of babies her age do.
  • Decided not to take a bottle. Grr. She was taking a bottle - until she figured out the difference between the breast and the bottle. Mom's goal for month 3 is to reverse this decision.
  • Begun responding! She smiles and coos. LOVE it!
  • Lost a lot but not all of her hair. It's growing back, but bows are life savers!
  • Grown a ton! She now weighs 11 lbs, 6 oz.
  • Started drooling. Two months is early for that I guess, which the pediatrician says means she'll probably teethe early - possibly around 4 months.
  • Grown fond of cloth diapers! (Blog post to come.)
  • Received LOTS of kisses from Sammy!


  1. She's so adorable. :) Love those stickers.

  2. Grandma K says she is the most beautiful baby ever. Iso enjoy the pictures. Would love to come see her sometime soon.


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