The New Mobile

Lil is in LOVE with this new mobile I got her today. After taking note of how much she loves her swing mobile, I headed to BuyBuy Baby with gift cards in hand, and bought this new Tiny Love Nature's Serenade Mobile* for the babe. She LOVES it! And Mom and Dad love it too. Not only does it play music for 20 minutes (a long time for a mobile!), but it also has a remote! Woohoo! I can turn it on without going in her room - a big plus.

So after setting up the mobile, I set Lil in her crib. I started hearing a lot of commotion, so I thought she might be getting fussy. But noooope. This is what I found. (And there was a lot more babbling pre-video.)

*I really wanted a mobile that was a little more clean looking... this one is sorta an eye-sore, along with all of the other Tiny Love mobiles. But this was got the most recommendations from friends and had the best reviews on Amazon. Plus the 20-minute music playing and remote are major pluses in my book!


  1. She looks VERY happy with the mobile! So cute!!

  2. She looks very happy and if it can keep her distracted for very long at all...its a good one. :)


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