One month

Dear third born child,
     You are one month old! The month has flown by - and I'm thankful because asking Momma to survive on such short increments of sleep, 45 min to an hour and a half, for three weeks is a little nuts-o! Thankfully you started to stretch to 3 and 4 hours... for all of two nights before getting your first cold. Now we've been stuck at 2ish again for about a week. But it's better than it was. I'm praying you're well soon - both because you sound miserable and because I want more sleep. 
    Sometimes late at night, before bed, you cry, and I can't figure out why. It's the end of the day, and I'm beyond tired anyway. I try to get you to nurse. again. after you've already cluster-fed. I try to lay you down to sleep. Or rock you to sleep. Or sway you to sleep. Or even just cuddle you to sleep. Sometimes you like that. Especially if mixed with rocking. Usually I conclude that you're overtired. Big sis Adeline used to get overtired and would demand to be set in her crib. alone. Over-stimulated baby. You two may have that in common.
    Even though we sometimes have rough patches late at night, I think you're going to be a pretty easy baby. So far you have somewhat of a routine (set by you) of naps, feeds, and play. You come with us in the car, without too much crying. You are happy once we move. And you love the Ergo. Snuggling up next to Momma is your thing. The swing seems to appease you when needed, though sometimes people leave the room, which seems to make you lonely. You also allow me to lay you down tired but awake for naps sometimes, and a lot of times you will fall asleep! About half the time, you'll try really hard but end up calling me back in there. I'm just amazed and thankful that you'll try!
    Oh! I saw an involuntary smile the other day, while you were sleeping, and I'm positive I saw a dimple in that left cheek, just like Adeline! I don't know from whom you sweet things are getting that dimple! It's the cutest thing ever though. Matches your dimple chins nicely.
    Mommy thinks you'll have blue eyes. You've already lost some hair, but the brown hair remaining has blonde roots. Oh and you are full of chub! Double chin and all! That's what happens when you eat all night, I guess.
    Last I checked (one week ago), you were 10 lb 14 oz. My midwife immediately commented, "So he must be a good nurser!" And that you are! You outgrew newborn clothes and diapers at one week. Three month clothing fits you perfectly, and 0-3 month are a stretch. You have so many cute 3-6 month clothes that I just put you in those with a little room to grow. You'll fill them out in no time! You are currently fitting snug in size 1 diapers but probably should be in size 2. I just have way to many size 1's and refuse to move you up until you start leaking from them. I'm sure it'll be tomorrow. 
    You're only a month, so you don't "do" a lot. You have, however, rolled from tummy to back a couple times, which seems crazy early to me! You also really like your play mat. You just started actually looking at all of the toys hanging down on there. And sometimes when I talk to you and make faces, I notice you'll try to stick out your tongue and copy me. Lilleigh loves this.
    Now that we've gotten through the stats, have I mentioned that we are smitten by you? Sometimes after your cry fest, at the next feed, I'll sit here and rock you and snuggle you just a little longer. My eyes and head droop with exhaustion, but I thank God for giving you to us to raise. What a gift you are. 
    Your sisters adore you and speak to you in high pitch shrills. I'm sorry if you have hearing loss later in life. Talks to your little mommas. It doesn't help that they get all up in your business when you're on your play mat, which I'm sure is how you got that cold. Thank you, Adeline. (She's breaking you in. Boosting your immune system.) 
    Lilleigh wants to hold you constantly. It's actually quite challenging to pry you from her grip. She's a little momma alright. And she takes her job. very. seriously.
    Dad likes playing the piano with you because he says you seem to listen to it. Deep thinker maybe? 
    Also I'm pretty sure Dad is thrilled that you take a bottle and don't just scream at him. Your oldest sister pretty much traumatized everyone there.
    We love you, Jamesy-boy! You're a sweetheart through and through. We are so thankful for you! 


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