Visiting Beautiful Colorado, part 1

We recently traveled to Colorado, where our first stop was Carbondale to see Brendon's grandparents. It was sweet time spent with them.
His grandmother adored James and loved holding him every chance she got. James loved it too! 


Grandma was able to come to the house for a visit while we were there. She loved listening to Brendon play piano.
We also played cards out on the patio while the girls played.


The girls love going to the playground, so we usually try to do a few meals with Grandma out by that playground.


Grandma and Papa have swans that live on their pond. The swans are beautiful and love to be fed. Don't get in their way though because they'll honk, spread out their wings, and show your who's boss! 


And as usual James continued to get his regular sink baths after meals. He's an eager and messy eater! 



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