Four months Mister James!

James is four months! I would've posted sooner, but as soon as we got back from Houston, he got a cold, hit four month sleep regression, and started cutting his first tooth. Whew it's been fun times! Thankfully though he really is such a good baby. His fussy is nothing compared to some others. Plus he's just a third born. Poor kid. He's going to be so well-adjusted.

James at four months -- 
  • Drooling like crazy, with hands all up in his mouth. I can feel the sharp edge of a tooth just below his gum. The bottom gums are super swollen.
  • On the mouth front, he's having his tongue tie lasered next week. Pray for us!
  • Scoots around on his back. If I set him on the play mat, he moves all around and off the mat. 
  • Loves to chat and coo.
  • Loves to face out. Momma got the ergo360 to accommodate. (Thanks China and eBay for also accommodating my budget!)
  • 6-9 months clothes
  • Size 2 diapers but not for much longer. I'm trying to finish them up. We have size 3 waiting.
  • Still takes a bottle like a champ. Even from mom. Hallelujah! (By the way, now that I know so much about tongue ties, I do wonder if Lilleigh's bottle issue was related to that... classic sign. #whoknew #notme )
  • I *think* he's dropping his fourth nap. Hard to say.
  • Still wakes up a lot. If I'm lucky, it's just once per night.
  • Sits up assisted, in high chair, with mom, in seat... he's becoming more steady!

Mwah! Love you little buddy!



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