Gap 1969

This week I attended a party sponsored by Gap, thrown by moderneve, and received a free pair of Gap's new 1969 line of always skinny jeans! I have never had a pair of skinny jeans before. They've always intimidated me. Extremely trendy. Really tight. But I tried some on, and they're great! I can't wait until it's actually cool enough to wear them!

Picture courtesy of Gap
Click on the picture to order your own.

I'm still not sure I'm confident enough for these heels though. For now, I'll stick with Rainbows.


  1. you could try them with converse for a funky look, too!

  2. I got to go to one of these parties last week with Randi! It was pretty fun getting a new pair of jeans. I was looking at the rail straight, but Randi thought the bootcut looked better and I really loved them too so we both got a pair of those. We also got to take a pair home to our hubbies :)


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