NYC Girls Trip

This past week I went to NYC with SMom, Anabelle, and Meg. We met up with some good friends. We shopped, ate, saw some shows, and had a blast.

We saw Phantom of the Opera and crammed into a bicycle taxi to get there!

And we went to the underground Apple store. Very cool looking. And it's open 24 hours a day!

We celebrated SMom and Taylor's birthdays at Tao. (Their food is amazing, especially dessert!)

And of course, we road the subway! Gotta love public transportation.

Brendon's cousin Amy came and met up with us! This is outside the church by the WTC. Then we went to China Town, lunch, and Soho!

And somewhere along the way we saw "Reade St." and had to stop for a picture.

In Soho, there was a cute mini cupcake stand called "Baked by Melissa." So cute and tasty. Homemade. Much better than Sprinkles! Plus they are snack size.

Yes, we saw The Little Mermaid. I must say, I had doubts. But this show was actually really great. The costumes were amazing! And who doesn't love the story?

After The Little Mermaid, we went to The Stand. The toasted marshmallow shakes we delicious! I highly recommend going there just to try one.

And we went to the Today Show to see Jason Mraz play. This cute little produce market was set up along the way!


  1. New York was so fun! And I needd my blue tie die shirt back SO BRING IT next time your in houston.. loveeee you!


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