Lilleigh at 22 months

Lilleigh is 22 months! Here's a little about Lil this month...

Lilleigh loves...
  • Her baby dolls, tucking them into bed (which is usually the oven to her kitchen), and pushing them in the stroller.
  • Her new gold shoes. Such a girly girl! 
  • Singing "Jesus Loves Me."
  • Her favorite books are Fancy Nancy books, Llama Llama books, The Beginners Bible, Go Dog Go (the short version, thank goodness!), etc. If you ask her, "Do you like my hat?" she will say, "No I do not like your hat." (Thanks to Go Dog Go.)

Lilleigh dislikes...
  • Well apparently she dislikes a lot of things. "I don't like it" is her new favorite phrase.
  • I'm sure she has other dislikes, but none come to mind at the moment.
Her sizes...
  • 24 month/2T. Some 18 month still.
  • Size 6 toddler shoes.
  • She's become a little bit of a pickier eater. Not terribly, but compared to before. I think it's an act though. I know this is the age that the pickiness can start, but I think she just enjoys saying she doesn't like something.
  • Her favorites: Milk, humus, berries, bananas, oats, cheese, apple sauce. The same ole stuff.
What has she learned this month...
  • She can now say Isaiah 6:9 with motions.
  • Lilleigh loves to sing Jesus Loves Me, and she is pretty good with the words and tune.
  • About a week ago, she had a verbal spurt and is now stringing together longer sentences! Last month I reported that she was saying 3-4 word sentences, and that was very new and only happened sometimes. Now she can say many words together and convey what she wants really well.
What we have done this month...
  • Great Wolf Lodge, see above.
  • The Arboretum. I got a membership for my birthday, and we are loving it! The photo below with Lilleigh running through the gardens was taken there.
  • We went to Houston for Thanksgiving and saw lots of family. 
Also of note...
  • Since our trip to Great Wolf Lodge, Lilleigh has brought it up at least once a day, every day. She tells us all about the yellow slide she went down with Daddy, the blue slide where she spun around and Momma caught her, the lazy river, how it was a little cold. The girl has a crazy good memory. And she asks to go back to Great Wolf Lodge daily, so guess what we will be doing again in 2013!! This time we need to get some friends or family to come with us!
  • The potty training is at a halt. I decided having a child out of diapers doesn't look so glamorous if I am going to have to ask her if she needs to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes for the next year. So I will wait until she tells me she's ready. I am still giving her lots of praise and stickers each time she uses the potty though!
  • Lil had her first full out temper tantrum last week. She didn't want her hair in a pony tail. Totally warrants a tantrum, right? My goodness. How dare I.


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