11 Months!

Dear Lilleigh,

You are 11 months old! I can hardly believe almost a year has past! My the fun that we have these days!

At 11 months...

  • You can finally wear a real bow in your hair! It doesn't hold a whole lot, but it stays! ...Until you pull it out.
  • You are cruising! You crawl around and pull up on everything. You've taken a few baby steps while holding onto things. You won't sit still for diaper changes, though thankfully you started being still again for feedings. Phew.
  • We have a blue pushy buggy car that a friend lent us. You LOVE it! 
  • You also love Sammy dog and love grabbing her fur. We try to correct you and show you how to pet her gently. Still just last week you yanked on her whiskers. Sammy just let out a yelp. Poor dog! She spends most of her days hiding back on our bed now. You've definitely broken her in though - she loves you.
  • You love to read. You pull out books often and flip through them on your own. I hope your love of reading is something that stays with you throughout life.
  • You also love to "woof" like a dog. You've been doing this for awhile, but still noteworthy. So stinkin cute!
  • You watch Mommy blow on your food when it's hot, and now you've started to do it also.
  • Mommy has been trying to teach you the signs for "more" and "all done." You picked up on the "all done" and do it for everything! You wave your hand in the air (more of twist - hence the "all done") for "come here," "I want [that]," "all done," "more," etc. Everything. Luckily Mommy understands you. The other day you said "all done." Not kidding. Both Mom and Dad heard you. Twice. Two different meal times. 
  • Did I mention last month how you wave constantly? I mean, constantly. At everyone and everything. You could be Miss America someday with that wave. Though hopefully not. Let's avoid beauty pageants. We'll just put you in a parade instead.
  • We also nicknamed you "Beansies." It came from "Jelly Bean." The name was just shortened. And well, that name really needs to go. But it's a habit.
I have so much fun with you each day! Each day is a new adventure and is so fun. I love you sweet pea!

    *Last week it was unseasonably warm here. Like in the 70's. In January. Crazy, I know! So I'm not a nut for putting my child in a onesie in January. It really was that warm!


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