A Christmas Recap

This update is long overdue. More than anything else I just wanted to share some photos with you!

For Christmas we stayed in Dallas, and RMom came to spend Christmas with us. We went to the Christmas Eve service and ate a Christmas Eve dinner at Macaroni Grill.

The next morning Brendon made cinnamon rolls, and I made breakfast casserole - the traditional Christmas morning breakfast growing up. That tradition must continue!

Don't these look amazing? They taste like Cinnabon too.
We opened gifts, and Lilleigh napped. My favorite gift was the mug that Lilleigh and Brendon made me! And the shelves Brendon got me for my craft closet! Who knew I had so much craft stuff?!

Lilleigh really enjoyed the wrapping paper! I was a bad mommy and barely took any photos Christmas day. (I was busy relaxing.) But since Christmas isn't about gifts, it's prob okay.

Lilleigh got excited when I opened the mug she made me and wanted to drink out of it.

Later that night we wrote in our Lankford Family Book of Remembrances for the first time. It's a special tradition that we were excited to start!

Christmas was a low-key day, which is exactly what we wanted! I've never gotten to have Christmas just at home, so even though we missed our Houston fam, I was thrilled to not be on the go all day long!

On the 26th we headed to Houston to see lots of fam! We had many Christmas celebrations and lots of great time with family. Lilleigh got to meet my dad's parents, who she had yet to meet. And we also squeezed in a birthday celebration for Brendon's sister Meredith - 21!!

Riding on her new rocking horse from GG and Bill
Pappy showed Lilleigh how to open gifts.

So I actually meant to include a different (cuter!) photo, but this photo captures it all - Lil got to play with her Titi and climb all over her while 3-year-old Aunt Morgan stood by not sure what to think about it all (j-e-a-l-o-u-s...). And then there's "little dog" aka Daisy, who Lilleigh LOVES.  
The photo I meant to upload

Lilleigh met Grandma Kay!

Lilleigh also met Grandpa Bill!
Lilleigh with GG and Bill!

Meredith is 21!!! 

Now that I'm at the end, I can see that the second half of our Houston trip is seriously lacking in photos! Sorry, Papa Larry and Grammy! We'll work on that next time!!

I hope you all had a merry Christmas!!


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