Lots to say!

Lots of "little" updates, so here we go... pure randomness!

1. Lilleigh said "baby" today! The story: I was getting her up from nap and singing my silly made up songs that I sing to her - something about "Lilleigh Baby" - and when I laid her down to change her diaper, she said "baby." Multiple times. She kept repeating it because I was getting so excited, and clearly she understood that she was saying a real word. So proud of my "baby" girl!

This isn't a photo from that moment, just a photo from today. Isn't she so stinkin' cute? And look at that fun cloth diaper! We were given it for a product review for Thankfully Thrifty!

2. We got two new chickens this weekend. If you remember, we started out with four and then found out two were roosters, so for a long while we've had two. They've given us about a dozen eggs a week, which is pretty awesome, except now I want eggs like daily, plus baking. So a dozen isn't cutting it. Ha!

Anyway, long story short, one of these new chickens might be a rooster. Why do we think this? Well, we notice features that our previous roosters had... such as bright yellow feet, fluffy tail, odd neck movements, strutting... we'll see. Farmers  typically say it's a very small chance you'll get a rooster - like 5% - though there's always a chance since it's so hard to tell non-adult hens from roosters. Apparently though when we buy chickens, it's more like 50/50. Their names? Blondie and Sir. Since we aren't 100% sure Sir is in fact a sir, we are waiting for the cock-a-doodling to start happening.

On the chicken note, Brendon added some awesome tree limbs to the coop to give chickens more of an inside lair. The two newbies are spending lots of time there to avoid being bullied by Henrietta and Clara Bell. Oh, girls!

3. We had our first trip to the library! Yea! We got some great books and a couple of baby signing DVD's. Hoping for Lil to pick up signing! We've worked on two signs ("more" and "all done") over the past few months, and she does "all done" like it's going out of style. It helps that it's similar to the wave, which we know she loves. So I'm hoping to integrate other signs! We'll see!

4. Yes, Lil and I do have matching (-ish) pajamas!

5. In an effort to keep buying local organic produce and meats, I'm thinking about becoming a coordinator of a local co-op. In exchange for coordinating, you get free food - a certain percentage of what people in your area buy! This would require getting a deep freeze and getting lots of neighbors to buy from them. But I'm not expecting that to be hard to do. We'll see. Fingers crossed that this great (in my head, anyway) idea works out! 

6. Loving all of this rain and thunder tonight! Sleep tight! But keep Brendon in your prayers today - he has a day trip to Nashville. The rain is wonderful staying-all-nice-and-cozy-inside weather, not so great travel weather.


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