Lessons Learned from Lilleigh

It's hard to believe that it's almost been a year since we brought sweet Lilleigh home from the hospital. This past year has gone quickly! There have been some sleepless nights (though thankfully not many!), some tears, some frustrations, and a lot of joy, a lot of laugh, and a lot of learning! Being a mom has taught me a lot. I've done a couple of "mommy lessons" posts, and I guess this is similar, only this isn't so much what I've learned about being a mom, but what I have learned from being a mom.

Over the first year, sweet Lilleigh has taught me a lot!
  1. I've had to confront, head-on, my own selfishness - ouch. Many times my plans for the day are thwarted because Lilleigh doesn't want to nap or feels sick or is extra clingy and teething {or insert baby issue}... how hard is it to drop everything and hang out with her? Apparently, for me, very. I'm working on that.
  2. I've had to prioritize my time, figuring out the things that needed to be done and those that don't, figuring out what could be done with Lilleigh and what needed to wait for nap time. I've had to figure out how much we can realistically fit in a day, keeping in mind feedings and naps and playtime. 
  3. Recently, Lilleigh learned to wave, and once she learned how, she didn't stop. She waves at almost everyone she sees. Recently my heart has been more burdened for those who don't know the gospel - not just those I love but those I encounter daily in the grocery store or Starbucks. And tonight as I watched Lilleigh waving so boldly at three young men sitting near us at dinner and making friends with them, it occurred to me - Shouldn't we all be so friendly? And if we were, how much easier would it be to share the good news with perfect strangers? Something to think about.
  4. And speaking of waving, her sweet lively spirit brings me such joy. Her life is so simple and yet so happy. She's not worried about the future or about anything. Sure, it's easy to be carefree when you have no responsibility and no knowledge of the world around you, but still. How beautiful to approach life, as a child.
  5. And this last one I am putting as a single bullet point, but it could encompass a whole list of it's own bullet points. And that is this - I desire so badly for Brendon and me to be able to create a home for our family that focuses on the Lord and teaches His Word. In order to do this, I need to die to myself daily. I need to be in God's Word and have His Word written on my heart. (This requires Scripture memory, something I've always considered myself to be terrible at.) I need to put myself in a position to be getting fed by other Godly women. And spending time with Him daily. Though I knew these things before, now it's so apparent how necessary they are. Soon Lilleigh's words and actions will be a direct result of what she sees and hears. Oh how I hope she hears more of Him than me.
This list is by no means exhaustive, but just a few things I've been thinking about! Funny how such a little person can teach us so much about life and faith.


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