10 Months!

Oh my goodness, I think I fall more in love with this little pumpkin every day! Is she not just the cutest thing you've ever seen? Many of my friends see new babies and swoon, remembering the days their babes were that little. I can't relate. Really. Of course, when Lilleigh was a new baby, I adored her. But I've really enjoyed her more and more each day. New baby snuggles are great, but nothing beats the mimicking of Mommy's faces, the crawling after Sammy, and laughter.

So here are some photos of Lilleigh at 10 months. I know these aren't awesome. My apologies. I think I'm over this monthly sticker thing, but I have to finish out the year... And not to mention that getting this child to sit still or pose is near impossible!

She learned to wave. I tried to get an action shot.

Crawling after the lens cap.

Sweet thang! Trying to put on her headband! Making Momma proud!
Lilleigh at 10 months...
  • CRAWLING! And PULLING UP! Yikes! Time to find a new home for lots of things around this house! I feel like our place is in utter chaos as I try to move things off the coffee table, fire place ledge, etc. Meanwhile, toys are being pulled out left and right. Oh to be mobile! {I wouldn't have it any other way though!}
  • Lil has decided she loves fruit! She's been a great eater overall, but recently she's decided fruit is a delicious treat. So it may have to become dessert.
  • Speaking of eating, she still refuses to let me feed her - unless I'm giving her a sweet treat, like say apple sauce! Otherwise, she will find a way to feed herself! This does make finding nutritious food a challenge. I won't say difficult. But we have a lot of fruit cut up, shredded chicken, beans, rice, cooked carrots {yuck!}, and peas.
  • Beginning stages of weaning. I am trying to go down to 3 feedings - well, nursings - a day. {Keep in mind that she still wakes up for an early morning feed between 4 and 6ish, so I'm not counting that.} I didn't set out to do this, but since she's more active and loving solids, she just hasn't been as antsy for it. So one day I just let her dictate it, and three feedings is what happened. So I'm trying to go with it! Though I don't plan to completely wean for a looong time {We'll prob do one feeding at night for another 6 months at least} I have been a little worried about what weaning down to that one feeding would look like, given that she never took a bottle. But this gives me hope.
  • She tries to whistle, like Mommy and Daddy. That's always been Sammy's call to "come" - the whistle. And when Lil hears us doing it, she starts to blow and sometimes even spit. I can't wait till she figures it out!
I'm sure there's so much more, but I'm exhausted. So off to bed! 


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