Crying, crying, crying...

It's been one of those days. Crying. Non-stop. Or so it seems. This afternoon Lilleigh didn't want to nap. So she cried, as usual, when I put her down. It's not that it wasn't tired. She was. In fact she was a bit late for nap (which has never been an issue). I think she sometimes gets worked up because she knows fun toys are in the living room, and she's missing out. Typical. Anyway, it began with that. Then she slept for maybe 15 minutes and woke up crying again. I let her play for a bit, but she was clingy, whiney, and rubbing her eyes. I tried to lay her down again. Still no rest. And so our afternoon went.

And then tonight... again, not so smooth. Typically she gets a bath and changed into her PJs. Then I nurse her for 20 minutes, followed by story time. Song. Prayer. Bed. But like I said, tonight wasn't as smooth. And it hasn't been for the last few nights. She hasn't nursed longer than 10 minutes. Tonight she nursed 10, which was a victory. Past nights it's been 5, maybe. I try and try to get her to eat. The room is dark. Just us. But no. So we continue on with the routine, and after we leave her in her room to sleep, she starts wailing until finally I come in and nurse her for the remaining time.

I've heard that often for non-bottle-fed babies, weaning happens easier because they can't carry Mom around with them, and they want to be mobile. I'm wondering if that's what's happening... It's frustrating. I wish I could get her to nurse the full 20 all up front. It's also sad because as much as I'd love to be able to leave her for more than a few hours {did I say that??}, I know I'll miss nursing her. Those precious quiet moments at the end of our day can somehow redeem a day like today that seems full of whining and crying.

Have any of you experienced this? Advice?


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