This and That

Lilleigh got a wagon for Christmas from her Grammy. Obviously a wagon would be kinda annoying to transport from Houston to Dallas, so Grammy had it shipped to us. And she even came up to set it up! 

Riding inside was fun. ...Don't mind the photo quality. Bad lighting, iPhone photo, flash, etc.

Lilleigh the artist.
This is why we'll never have cable. I'm convinced that Amanda (my artist friend) and Tess (who's just creative in her own way) are uniquely gifted because the lack of cable in their homes forced them to entertain themselves and use the gifts God gave them! :) Oh and did I mention that Amanda has two sisters who are also super artistic? Totally convinced that we need craft projects galore at our house over the next 18 years!

Daddy and Lilleigh's project. I'm pretty sure it's a gift for me. :)
Costco is just more fun with friends. How awesome that their carts fit TWO babies!

Maddie and Lilleigh ...Maddie's mom, Katy, has become my Costco buddy!

Speaking of Costco, I bought this rug there. I'm in love with it. $12. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

My friend Katy gave me this super cute owl rice pack for Christmas. She made it. Yep, she's crafty. That's probably why we get along so well. (Well, not the only reason!) Funny thing - see that rice pack on the right? I made that. And I had planned to give it to Katy for Christmas. Great minds think alike. Except when it comes to design... apparently my creative juices weren't flowing quite as quickly or something. Glad I decided to get her something else!!!
Brendon and I laughed so hard when we compared the two side by side. Prior to seeing her owl, I was actually quite proud of myself for my creation. She showed me up. That's what friends are for!

I had a mommy ornament exchange the other night with my moms group! Can I just say it's been such a BLESSING to walk the first year of motherhood with these women! I am so thankful that the Lord led me to Square One, the new mom's ministry at church, where I met these women. 

Yesterday Brendon took off work, and we took Lilleigh to a Christmas party at a local nursing home. Oh my heart just ached for those people there. Though they were delighted to see Lilleigh, the sadness and bitterness in the place just made me sad for them. Still it was great to bring a little life and cheer to such a drab place. I hope we can continue to do this in future years and even throughout the year.


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