Adeline is 5 months!

Adeline will be 5 months tomorrow!! Time totally flies! And just like with Lilleigh, I enjoy Adeline more each day. She is growing so fast and has become so interactive. Quite the giggler and love bug!

Adeline at 5 months...
  • She finally rolled over at 4-1/2 months! She is such a content baby and so happy to be on her tummy that she really did not care to roll. One day I heard her wailing from her crib (which she never does), so I raced in there to find her very angry to be on her back! I have only seen her roll one other time on her play mat. Other than that, she doesn't really roll much, though she does spend a lot of time rolling from her back or tummy to her side, while playing.
  • She loooves to play on her tummy. And now she's really good at lifting herself up too, so she will play on her tummy for long periods of time.
  • Other than the activity mat, she can now sit in her Bumbo and play in the exersaucer.
  • She still doesn't really care for the car or fall asleep in the car, but she is content in her car seat until she gets tired.
  • Addie giggles like nobody's business. I love it! She loves to be tickled and kissed on her neck. She also thinks its funny when I blow raspberries on her tummy.
  • She's interested enough in what is going on around her that she does not sleep as willingly at church nursery or in the baby carrier. She still will eventually, but it takes longer to get her to sleep.
  • If we go out, I have started putting Adeline in the stroller. Our Joovy Caboose Ultralight (sit n stand model) is harder for her to ride in since she doesn't sit up by herself yet, but she was. I usually either put her in the City Mini and let Lilleigh walk or put Adeline in the ergo baby carrier and give Lilleigh the option of the stroller or walking. 
  • We have also started to use our jogging stroller (to walk), and Lilleigh really loves sitting next to Adeline! That's nice because Lil had gotten into a walking only phase, which is painfully slow if you are trying to power walk the neighborhood and get yourself and the dog some exercise!! So I am thankful to have her back to enjoying the stroller!
  • Big sis loves to get in the crib with her and asks to sleep with Adeline.
  • No solid foods yet. We will probably wait until at least 6 months.
  • I think she will have blue eyes. They have gotten bluer and don't appear to be changing.
  • She also has two dimples in her left cheek. One in the side of her cheek, the normal place for dimples, that you can only see if she laughs really hard, and another in the apple of her cheek. That one shows a lot more - whenever she laughs or cries.
Her "schedule" --
7:15 Wake up to nurse. (If she wakes up after 7:30, I let her just get up for the day.)
Back to sleep, or at least back to crib
8:30/9 Wake her up, if she's fallen back asleep. Nurse, play.
10-12 Nap #1
12 Nurse, play (Sometimes she will only nurse briefly and then waits to really nurse after Lilleigh has gone down at 1... she gets distracted. This actually works because then she will sometimes sleep later than if she only nurses at 12.)
1:30-3/3:30 Nap #2
3:30 Nurse, play
4:30-6 Nap #3 (She really started doing this nap at 3.5/4 months. Before, she was doing 2 naps, and the early evenings were just questionable.)
6 Nurse, play.
7 Bed

I think that's it! We love our Addie! She's growing so fast!


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