My New Toy

Look what hubby brought home from work for me yesterday!

Okay here's the story... A couple years ago, when the economy turned and we had just bought our house (great timing!), his work (a non-profit) had to give pay cuts. Bummer. And with the still-not-so-great-and-even-questionable-in-my-opinion economy, the cuts are still in place.

So I think every so often his work likes to send home fun gifts to show how much they appreciate the employees, as a sorry-we-can't-give-you-back-your-pay-but-here's-a-fun-treat type gesture. I'm a gifts girl. I'll take it.

About a month ago he brought home an iPad, which was a fun toy for him. I have an iPhone, and I think he's been jealous. So now he has his equivalent!

Then yesterday he brought home this fancy-schmancy camera! Funny thing... I had been thinking about how I wanted one of these all day... well, really for about a year, but I had come to the conclusion it wasn't happening. But yesterday I decided we needed to make it happen... with the baby, blogging, our cute dog... need I say more? And then he came home with this! I guess trivial prayers do get answered!

I know it's technically work property, but I can't guarantee I'll be willing to part with this one.

Thanks, BlueFish!!


  1. Yeah for presents! I cant wait to see what pictures you take with it!!! Hope you are doing well.

  2. Wow what a great camera!! Score! Is it difficult to operate? I know getting used to a new camera can be a challenge sometimes..I always sit down w/the manual until I figure out every..little..thing! :-)

  3. wow!! that's a great perk!! One of these is on my before-baby wish list too!


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