Mini Aussies

I saw a miniature Australian Shepherd the other day. Precious. The miniatures range between 17 and 35 lbs. Compare that to a full-size Aussie, like my Sammy, who is 50 lbs. If the miniature is still too big for you, yes you can get a toy Aussie!

With the option of a toy or mini Aussie, I'm not sure why anyone would ever get a small dog of another breed. No offense to any small dog owners out there. I'm just obsessed with the fluffiness (not to mention smarts) of the Aussie. Look how cute!


  1. They are cute! My mom has a friend that breeds them. I like smart dogs, but sometimes Isaac and I think less smart dogs don't get into as much trouble! Haha :) I think the third picture is the cutest...

  2. Haha that may be true. That's when submissive and smart is the best combo! They know what you are saying, listen, and then submit. That's what we've found with Sammy anyway. :) She's alpha to other dogs but submissive to us!


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