24 Weeks

I can hardly believe it's been 24 weeks! Now I'm on the count DOWN - 16 to go!! Totally amazing.

Here's the latest baby bump photo update. Technically, Baby "Brenleigh" (Brendon/Ashleigh. Like Bragelina... get it?) was as long as an ear of corn last week, but this week is an egg plant... and not only am I not buying egg plant, but I had already bought corn. So corn it is!

And right after this picture was taken, I proceeded to drop the corn on the floor. It smashed. Yuck. And my dog wouldn't eat it, so I had to bend down (a surprisingly difficult task) to clean it up.

In the past several weeks, my tummy has had a little growth spurt I think! I've been hungrier more. Bending over has gotten harder - a good time to practice my chiropractor's advice and kneel down, rather than bend. And in the past week, I've been exhausted! I thought that wasn't supposed to happen again until third trimester... anyone?

Other than that, I am feeling great! I've been walking everyday. And I decided I need to be better about squats and lunges... I have a feeling strength building will come in handy come time for delivery.

And yes, I have actually been referring to the baby as Brenleigh!


  1. Brenleigh is actually a really cute name! Hey, I can't figure out how to find out about your shower when I click on the Thankfully Thrifty button for it. It just takes me to your blog, but I don't see anything about the shower.

  2. Thanks Holly! Yeah, actually a lot of people have told us that. I think I'd feel cheesy naming a baby that for real, simply because of how it's a combo of our names. But you are welcome to name your baby girl after us! :) Haha.

  3. NOW your really starting to show!! You look so cute!! And I also love the name Brenleigh..funny how you came up with it like Brangelina! LOL! You don't have too much longer..its going by SO fast!!


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