33 Weeks

I'm now 33 weeks... 8 months! Time has flown by! And my tummy has just ballooned... or I feel like it has anyway!

So I stopped taking pictures with fruits... I haven't really wanted to buy a spaghetti squash or honey dew or pineapple. Plus taking a picture with one might just be awkward! So to normal pictures it is.

I have been exhausted! Sleeping has become difficult. Some nights I'm restless, though thankfully I have slept for the last few.

My tummy is getting HEAVY. At the end of a long day of being active, I just want to lay in the recliner, put my feet up, and take the weight off.

I've had a few hormonal break downs... I've really been good up till now. But I think the exhaustion (sleepless nights and heavy tummy) is getting to me.

Weight gain... blah. Apparently the baby goes through a growth spurt around 32 weeks. My midwife said it happens to everyone. I'll just say that the scale definitely reflected that. Oh well. Maybe I should just embrace pregnancy and yummy holiday foods... I'm bound to lose it all quick with nursing anyway, right?

Today in church, I looked down at my hands and saw that my fingers were swollen! If my ring weren't on my hand, you'd never be able to tell. My fingers got a little tingly trying to get my ring off. I think it may be time to retire the engagement ring and stick to the band... though that might need to be retired soon too! I was so hoping to escape the swelling, being that I'm due in mid-winter. No such luck.

But I'm loving seeing a midwife. The average time spent with your doctor is 6 minutes per visit. The rest is in the waiting room or with the PA. But I feel like I get to see my midwife longer. She's not ever in a hurry to leave and always glad to answer questions. I appreciate that!

Now I'm on the search for a good pediatrician!


  1. We really liked Dr. Straughn at Forest Ln. Pediatrics in Medical City if you want to check him out. He is very gentle and takes lots of time with you and your child. I rarely had to wait long in the waiting room, and it was always easy to make an appt. to see him. The one time he wasn't available, I saw another dr. in the practice who was wonderful too!

  2. Loved your update!!! You look so good..and getting excited for the big day I would imagine! When is your due date again? I've forgotten with all the people on blogger announcing their pregnancies over the past few months! I had to change drs just as of last week..and my new one (who I see Jan. 7th) is actually a mid-wife! You make me excited about going from a dr to mid-wife! :-)

  3. My friend just hit 32 weeks...such an exciting time!! You look great! Your sweet little one will be here before you know it! Hope you're able to get more rest over the Holidays!

  4. Good luck with the pedi search. I need another new one...I'm seriously tired of doctors. I think I'll ask my midwives for a recommendation. I should have figured this out weeks ago...here's to the last minute!

  5. didn't I tell you the swelling would come out of nowhere?! I hope you can escape the cankles. :) you look awesome. Cannot wait for baby L to get here!!


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