Adeline at 7 months

This month Adeline turned 7 months! Here's a bit about Adeline this month...
  • She loves to roll! She will tummy to back and back to tummy over and over again as she plays with her toys.
  • She also loves to sit in her exersaucer and walker (the sit-in kind) and play with toys as she watches what everyone else is doing.
  • Anything involving Big Sis Lil is very fun! Lots of laughs and smiles for her big sis.
  • When she wants to go to bed, she usually either puts her open hand to her mouth, fingers touching her lips, or puts her two middle fingers in her mouth and sucks on them, making a backwards "I love you" sign with her hand.
  • She is petite! 30th percentile for height, I believe, and 5-10 for weight. She can still fit into some 3-6 month clothes, though she is mainly in 6 month. And she wears size 2 diapers. I was thinking she and Lilleigh would miss seasons on clothes, but I think I may go pull out the bin of clothes I dismissed because some actually may work for summer!
  • She dropped her 3rd nap right around 6 months and after a week or so, she picked it back up. I think she is trying to drop it again though. So about half of the time she does take a third nap, and half, she doesn't.
Rough schedule...
7 AM wake up to nurse, then back to bed (DST helps!)
8:30/9 AM wake up, nurse
10-12 Nap #1
Nurse, play
1-3/3:30 Nap #2
Nurse, play
If she doesn't take a third nap, then a cluster feed happens here.
5:30 nurse, play, get ready for bed
6ish bed ...This was when she went to bed tonight, but if that third nap happens, she may go to bed as late as 7:30/45.

This month we also traveled to Houston for a week, and while we were there, I learned something new about my sweet girl. Adeline slept more than I think I have ever seen her sleep.  At first I couldn't figure it out. But then I was reminded of a book I'm reading, to help me with Lilleigh, called The Highly Sensitive Child, and it occurred to me that her sleeping so much is what I think is her infant-style manifestation of this personality type. As an HSC, she is easily overwhelmed, so by going to sleep, she is able to check out and go to her safe place. One night she even went to bed at 5:15! I felt bad that a lot of our family got very little time with her, but really I sorta felt bad for her, that she felt so over stimulated. That said, I do think it's awesome that she can self-soothe and that she clearly feels safe enough to let me know she's ready for bed.

Also early on Adeline looked a lot like me, and I still see it somewhat.  But her eyes totally look like Brendon's as a baby! See this photo... Brendon is on the left.


  1. Does she babble and make consonant or vowel sounds yet? E and E don't, but today at the 6 month checkup, she said that they are usually doing that by 6 months. Nothing to be concerned about yet for them, but she just said to make sure I am talking to them a lot.

    1. She does! She's definitely more soft spoken than Lilleigh, and just recently started making these sounds. Lilleigh had before now, I'm pretty sure. I'm sure it's normal for a younger child with talkative older siblings to do this later, so I bet your girls are good! ;)
      In the same sense, Adeline is still needing assistance sitting up. I think because we are on the go a lot when she gets a chance to play, and I have less time to sit with her undistracted to help her sit up.

  2. It is really interesting reading what your girls are all doing since they and Dean are so close in age. I can't believe how much sweet Adeline sleeps. Dean is good with taking two moderate naps and what seems to be about 9 hours of sleep at night. We were trying for longer night time sleep and were met with a lot of awakenings or a two hour period of being awake and just wanting to play. We learned that he just was getting plenty of sleep so when he hit the lighter cycle of sleep in the middle of the night he was ready to wake up and play. It is so interesting to see how different each baby is and also to see how alike they are too :) Dean loves to babble and talk and sit-up but he still only rolls from his tummy to back ( we think it might be due to his size too - he has a lot to move). Anyway, I wish all four of our babies could play together!

  3. I know Jess! That would be so fun.


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