4 Years, Remembering Austen

Last Tuesday marked four years since Austen's death. Though his birthday is two days after the anniversary, the anniversary and the days approaching it always seem to be the hardest.

Last weekend I sat at our dining room table with Brendon, thinking about the week to come, and cried. It makes me sad to think about him being gone. In some ways, it seems like just yesterday that he was here, and in others, it seems like he's been gone forever... I've had two girls since then, and even though Lilleigh knows all about Austen, it's crazy to think she will never get to meet him.

Monday I went with a group of mommy friends and their littles to the Perot Museum, and it was a great way to lift my spirits! I have such a strong bond with these moms, as our kids were all born within two months of each other and for that first year especially we were each others' life line!

Tuesday was the actual anniversary. My sweet friend Katie G. watched my girls for me that morning, so I could have some alone time. I took my journal and Bible and sat at Starbucks, before grabbing lunch for all of us and returning to her house.

That afternoon, during nap time, my other sweet friend Katy (love the Katie's!) sent Tiff's Treats! Nothing like cookies to lift one's spirits!

And once Brendon came home, we set off balloons in memory of Austen. One balloon for each year he's been gone... or for each year of eternal life, thus far, as I like to think about it. (I'm not really sure there's time in heaven, but oh well.)

All that to say, I felt so loved and cared for. I'm really so thankful for these gems of friends in my life! Here's a video of us setting off balloons!


  1. I still can't imagine how tough it must be. So sorry for the pain and grief you feel, but thankful for how God is working in you through it. Love you, friend!


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