A 22-Week Pregnancy Update and Lilleigh Update!

This last week I was 22 weeks! (At this point, almost 23.) It has been so much fun to talk to Lilleigh about how she is going to be such a good big sister to her little sister!

Name: As far as a name goes, we finally decided on a name, and we have a fun reveal (for fam) in the works in the next few weeks - not sure how long it will take to make. So that is to come!

Exercise/ Cravings/ General Feeling: I have been feeling great! I've slacked off a little on working out and gotten a serious sugar craving in the last week, but I am working to get my butt back in gear. Less sugar. And back in the routine of working out. On average, I've been pretty good about working out 3x week and taking long walks with Lilleigh and Sammy throughout the week as well. Lilleigh has recently decided though that she likes to actually walk (not sit in the stroller) during our walks or to push her baby doll stroller, soooo my walks haven't been quite as much of a work out lately... Sammy and I may need to start getting up early for walks.

Energy: As far as energy, I do have energy, but a good chunk of the time, when Lilleigh goes down for nap, I've had to lay down for a bit too. I attribute this to two things (besides pregnancy) - 1. Going to bed too late. Bleh. I am working to get myself in gear in this area too. 2. Since I am pretty sure I had a "mild" (ha - still awful pain, def up there with labor) kidney stone after having Lilleigh, I decided to cut out black tea... which included iced tea and chai lattes. Agh. Those two things are my once a day treats! And now I am realizing how dependent my body is on them for energy and caffeine! And since I don't do soda or coffee, I don't really feel I have another caffeine option. I am still allowing myself to have a chai latte once a week though! And I'm praying the Lord rewards my dedication to not having tea the other 6 days out of the week.

Other prego news: We decided to hire a doula! Midwives are super helpful, but after last time, I learned that while midwives are trained in how to help you labor, their main priority really is overseeing the birth. And while last labor went smoothly, it would be super helpful to have another coach there assisting the process. We were excited to be given a great doula referral and welcome her to our team!

Big Sister: Sweet Lilleigh is just at such a fun age! I love playing with her! She's a social butterfly and loves to be on the go. When she caught pink eye last week, we were stuck at home for 3 days, and she was stir crazy. At one point, she picked up her purse and asked me to take her to the store! We are girls on the move! In the last few weeks, I have tried to start something new at our house of having one day a week where we just stay home and play. I get so caught up in our social calendar that sometimes I forget to just sit and enjoy my time with Lilleigh! So while we are both enjoying our one day a week at home, it is definitely an adjustment for us as well!

Last week we also had our 2-year well visit. (A little late, but we were waiting for our pediatrician to open his new office right by our house.) Lilleigh is 27 lbs and 50th percentile for weight. She is 34" and 40th percentile for height. My tall girl has slowed down her growth! Not a surprise when you stand next to me at 5'3"!

A couple more things of Lilleigh note... Lilleigh has told me she does not like to be called "Lil" but "Lilleigh." Baby girl is growing up!!  And something sweet - We read to Lilleigh every night before bed, usually a book and a Bible story. Her Bible story of choice several nights in a row was Jesus washing Peter's feet. (I love how she has story requests!) And I should also mention that her latest thing is to play or read in her bed for almost an hour before nap or bedtime. (Fine with me. She's training herself to have quiet time!) That said, the other night after we got home from community group, our babysitter said that on the monitor she had been watching Lilleigh sprinkle water from her sippy cup onto her stuffed animals, washing their feet. And then the feet washing turned into an all out bath for each animal. She was mimicking the story of Jesus and Peter! So sweet! And no wonder her bed has been soaking wet those last few nights! No more water in bed!

Overall, Mom and Lilleigh are doing well! We, along with Daddy and Sammy, can't wait to welcome Baby Girl home in August!


  1. You may have already hired your doula, but here is a bit of helpful info. Maybe you can use it in the future. My sister is actually in the certification process right now for being a doula. Apparently, the first 3 births a doula assists with must be offered free of charge in order to complete their certification. So, you could most likely find someone like that in Dallas who could do the whole thing for free! Granted, this person would be less experienced, but it might be worth it to you. Just fyi! If you do want to look into it, let me know. My sister knows how to search for doulas in the certification process.


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