Adeline is TWOodles

Adeline is TWO! I can hardly believe it's been two years since she entered our family. I can't imagine our family without her. She brings so much spunk, energy, and laughter!

One single word to describe Adeline: Determined. She is always on the go. She gets her mind set on something and doesn't veer from the task at hand, which many times results in temper tantrums or discipline. She will be warned against a behavior (say, kicking) and then give me a look of testing and do it again. She's bold. It doesn't work for her, but one day she will figure that out. She certainly does keep me on my toes though.

This determination can be a great thing too. It worked out great for day 3 of potty training when she was set on getting as many jelly beans (for going in the potty) as possible. Since then though, the jelly beans don't seem to be as motivating, so her focus has moved on. Oy. Mommy needs to come up with better incentives. Anyone have some that don't involve candy?

The next word on my list for her is courageous. I often watch her do things and think, "Lilleigh would never have done that at her age." She constantly climbing and jumping. She loves to swing high not he swings (big girl swings, not bucket seats), and we have yet to find her limit on "how high."

Until this week, I've been referring to her as "Mini Adeline" because she's consistently been at 5th to 10th percentiles for weight and height. However, it appears she's been growing! At her well visit this week, her weight was consistent, but she measured in the 50th percentile for height! I'll be honest that  have my doubts on the accuracy of measuring a child on a piece of paper as that lay down, crying, but still it's probably somewhere in that area. She's a growing girl! That said, she does still have little feet... a size 5. For reference, I think Lilleigh was a 7 around this age, maybe an 8... So maybe Adeline is still destined to be short like her momma. Time will tell!

Some random things about Adeline...

  • She loves her blanket and will carry it anywhere I let her. 
  • At the moment, her favorite things to point out (in books, on signs, anywhere) is Mickey Mouse and the moon.
  • Adeline has picked up colors, and mostly on her own. I have started pointing out different colors lately, but one day recently she just started pointing out everything pink! And then blue. 
  • She loves Minnie Mouse and would wear her Minnie dress everyday if I let her. We do have to break for wash.
  • She loves pizza and anything sugary. She also loves frozen blueberries, which is funny since that was my main (and maybe only) craving when I was pregnant with her. 
  • She jumps (or tries), runs, climbs, bounces, kicks her legs in the pool. I think she is going to be pretty coordinated.
  • This girl hurts herself constantly. Her current bruises and scrapes include: a couple on the knees from falling while running, a scrape on the shoulder from walking off a bench seat at Shady's, some bruising from falling while climbing a very low-lying tree next door, a bruised and scraped pinkie finger from the "helping tower" falling on her, a head bonk from tumbling down our front steps, and another bonk from when she randomly bumped her forehead into the arm of the chair at the pediatrician's office. That's all in the last two weeks! I wouldn't say she's clumsy... she's two. But she is very courageous (there it is) and determined (oh another one) and finds something fun to do and just jumps in without surveying the consequences of what could happen. I actually love this about her. This is such a great trait if we can harvest it appropriately. And some day I pray it won't result in so many scrapes and bruises. :)
  • Oh and speaking of scrapes and such, her determination also seems to keep her from dwelling on her injuries. Many times I can get her to pick herself back up and say, "I'm okay." There are definitely many times where there's heavy crying or tears, but she's usually over it within a matter of minutes. Seriously amazing. 
  • Adeline loves to do anything big sister does. This summer has really been the first time the girls have been separated some, where we have dropped off Lilleigh solo somewhere - Vacation Bible School, birthday parties, play dates. And oh my word, Adeline has been DEVASTATED. Tears. And constantly asking, "Where'd Sissy go?" Break my heart. I pray constantly that these two would have the sweetest friendship and always be best friends. The closeness of family is one of the things I am looking forward to most about homeschooling - just being able to spend so much time together and really build that friendship between them and hopefully future siblings too.
Here are some photos of Adeline lately. I'm also including some from her "Minne Addie is TWOodles" Popsicles in the Park birthday party!

Don't you love those pig tails?

This was at Costco. The girls picked out their own matching outfits this day. And then in the cart, Lilleigh kept turning to Adeline and saying, "You're my best buddy, right?" To which Adeline would shout "Yeah!" Melt my heart.

At the party. It appears she did get put in the bucket swing this day. As long as she is swinging, she's happy!

It's true. We had cone cakes.


Our crew.

Singing "Happy Birthday." By this point, we could tell she was spent and didn't feel girl. Poor girl was a little under the weather the rest of the day.

The look of delight when she opened her Minnie Mouse plate on her birthday. I love how excited this made her.

Oh and these keys. They actually look and sound like real keys. An instant favorite.

Happy birthday, Sweet Adeline! You are such a special part of our family. We love you.


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