More of Our Colorado Trip

We truly had the best time in Colorado. The weather was fabulous. It was wonderful to escape the heat. It was also wonderful to be surrounded by such beauty - rivers, lakes, mountains, thick grass... Speaking of which, I should say that I LOVE the grass they have there. I have been to Colorado (and north of Texas, for that matter) tons of times, but I had just never noticed how amazing and thick the grass is elsewhere. So green, soft, plush... like carpet! Love it.

We stayed with Brendon's grandparents, and yes, as you saw, we brought our dog. Sammy and his grandparent's dog, Daisy, played the whole time. It was wonderful! And it was so fun to see his grandparents. They took us into Aspen and Red Stone. We played cards, went on walks, picked crab apples and strawberries, and even made apple sauce!

Beautiful skies.

A bear was stuck in a tree outside the Aspen courthouse.

We picked crab apples from his grandparents' backyard to make apple sauce!

Ice cream with grandparents. PaPa was acting silly for the picture.

Our family.


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