Ugh. I hate fleas, and I never want to see another one again. Earlier this month we spotted a couple on Sammy, so we bathed her in flea soap and then reapplied Frontline. Only we didn't realize that you don't get rid of fleas that quickly... it's a process. So a couple weeks later we realize she still had them. I have washed tons of blankets, slip covers, etc. and vacuumed (with flea killing dust) about 10 times in the last 2 weeks. We also treated our yard and kept her secluded from her best dog friend. Finally the vet gave us some medicine that kills every flea on her for 24 hours. Then you start anew with the Frontline, or whatever you use. Why did the vet not give us this product sooner??? Seriously! Luckily, I think the battle is over, and we have come out victorious!

But for your enjoyment, here is a picture of Sammy being defiant after one of her flea baths. She was tired of flea baths, so she went and sat in the flower bed (minus the flowers). She showed us!


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