Ballet, standing, and some answered prayers

A new semester has started! We are in full swing with explorer school (what we call our homeschool preschool) and ballet! Lilleigh is loving every minute of dance! Mommy does too! It's through our city, and not only is the facility nicer than our last dance place, but the waiting area is more baby-friendly - clean and carpeted! 

In the photo Lilleigh has the bow.

On the note of dance, I totally have to brag on God for a moment. So I am quickly seeing a challenge of honeschooling is little to no Mommy time. We really feel homeschool is where God is calling us, so that's not a question. It's just a matter of - how do I keep myself filled so I don't run dry? I've been praying about this - asking God to help me find a regular time to work out and to find regular time for myself, whether it's reading His Word at Starbucks (dreamy) or going to Target solo, just some time each month that I can look forward to without my precious girls. 

Answer #1 came last Tuesday. Since Lilleigh's dance class is through our city, it's at one of our rec centers, which means I am within 20 feet of a work out facility, and my toddler is in someone else's care for an hour each week, but alas there's the issue of what to do with Adeline. That's where my friend Jenny, who also has a little girl in dance with Lilleigh, comes in. She offered to watch Adeline each week during ballet while I do the elliptical! Seriously? She's a yoga instructor, so by 7 AM she's completed her work out each day. (Props to her! Can you imagine? With two littles. That's hardcore.) And that allows her to bless me! So thankful!

Then answer #2 came when in an hour of desperation I asked my sweet friend Michelle (who discipled me in college) to watch my girls one morning. I sat at Starbucks and read my bible. I just needed some time with God without someone crawling on top of me or another someone asking every question known to man. It was wonderful. When I got back, she asked me if she could do that for me once a month! I had been praying about this issue that very morning. I jumped on her offer! It is so fun to see God answer prayers. It's not always so clear, but what a gift when it is! He cares about the details!

Speaking of amazing things God is doing, I am taking a discipleship class our church offers on Monday mornings. We've only had one so far, but wow what a blessing! I am excited to practice being more disciplined in my walk and to hear about all that He is doing in others' lives!

Onto Adeline... She crawls fast, and pulls up on everything. Bumps and bruises galore. She's starting to stand unassisted, though she lasts about two seconds. It's so fun though! 

Adeline has also started to drop her morning nap some... Not totally (it may be more because we are on the go so much, actually) but when she does go without her morning nap, she takes looong afternoon naps which is amazing. She also falls asleep in the car after outings some and then stays asleep when I carry her in! It's cray cray. And amazing. Months ago this was unthinkable.

Happy Friday! 


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