An End in Itself

It's been forever since I have posted on this blog I know, I know. Bad blogger! Halloween, then birthday (pics to come), then school, the holidays, and now finals... I've been busy.  But I wanted to share what's been on my heart lately.

As graduation is drawing near (May, yea!), I feel like people are constantly asking me what I am going to do next. The truth is I have no idea. I am not even sure if I will counsel. Maybe I'll work at a church or parachurch in a ministry position. Maybe I'll teach. I have options but no clear direction. And I am completely okay with that. DTS has been amazing for me (hence, the many other posts on the topic). It is up there with the best decisions I have made so far in life - becoming an HP YL leader in college and marrying my best friend. I have been blessed to go to DTS and to sit under biblical teaching with other committed Christians. And counseling is a bonus. Whether I counsel or not, people-skills are valuable skills to have in life! So while many people go to school as a means to get a better job, for me school is an end in itself. I will be better prepared spiritually and interpersonally for whatever comes next, but regardless of what comes next, I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to go to DTS.


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