14 Weeks

This week the baby is the size of an orange! Two weeks ago it was a peach... now an orange. How it grew so much, I have no idea! By the way, sorry if it's hard to see the full tummy... It's very difficult to show off the tummy and hold the orange! ;)

A little update...

My energy is coming back, but it's by no means the "burst of energy" that some women talk about. Either way, I can't complain.

The best part is that nausea is gone! Yea! Although now I am pretty much a vegetarian... not much meat sounds good to me. Like I said, I'm not nauseous... but if I eat meat, I might be. So I just avoid it.

Oh and I got my first pair of maternity jeans! Okay so not that I really needed them yet... I had been wearing a pair of jeans that were a size too big pre-pregnancy. And a belly band would have worked for the others, but let's face it - a belly band in 108 degree heat is not okay! I don't need an extra layer on my body. Plus it's kinda suffocating. Maybe if it were winter, I'd feel differently. But all I can say is that I just felt so much relief when I tried on the maternity jeans! To have the pressure completely off my stomach was glorious!!! I'm loving them. And they are J Brand (I'm thrifty remember. HUGE sale!) - and labeled "Mama J"! HOW CUTE!

Something interesting... my major innie (How do you even spell that??) of a belly button is actually pushing it's way out a little. It's just flattening out - not quite as much of the innie it's always been. And with all that stretching and growing, the skin on my tummy has started to itch... time for the cocoa butter and oil!

Finally, as you can tell by the picture, to anyone who didn't know my pre-pregnancy, I still just look a little chunky. But I can actually tell that I am pregnant! It's amazing... my bare tummy is no longer just a fatty layer. It's actually a bump! I realize others don't see this... but I'm okay with that! 


  1. Glad you're feeling so well! That is crazy how the baby grows so quickly. Have a great weekend!


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