11 Month Old Adeline

Adeline turned 11 months old, and I am starting to plan her first birthday party. I can hardly believe it! This girl is such a gem. I am so blessed to be her mommy. And watching her and Lilleigh play together is so fun - I can only imagine how wonderful it must be to have a sister so close in age! (Even though Austen and I were 16 months apart, since he didn't come on the scene for me until I was around 5, I really have no idea.) Watching these two is such a joy!

I feel like I say the same thing every month in these posts - "Adeline is such a joy!" The truth is, she is. The truth also is that I would love to spend time writing more, gushing my heart out about how much fun I have with these two girls, how hard some days can me, how exhausting I am every. single. night, how much I learn being a mommy, how God is continually convicting me about how I spend each precious moment with them, and how dependent on the Lord I have to be in this season. I wish I had time. But with two kids, I am exhausted in a way I haven't been before. Not like in the extremely pregnant or newborn days. More of an "every night at 7:30 every night, all I want to do is crash" kind of exhaustion. Doesn't leave much time for creative juices to flow in the blog realm... neither here or at Thankfully Thrifty. So these post are sorta my best effort at the moment. For the record, yes, we do want more kids, if the Lord chooses to bless us with them. :)

Anyway here it is - an 11 month Adeline update!

Teething: Sweet girl now officially has 7 teeth, and 3 ready to pop through any day. Last month I think she had 5 teeth total. The run down... Four weeks ago, 3 teeth began coming in at once. Two of those have officially popped through. One is still trying... that will be her eighth (and final) front tooth. I thought we were on the home stretch for a bit, but then a week ago, as I was feeling her gum to see if that eighth tooth had finally popped through, I realized both of her bottom first year molars are coming in! Argh. They are white specks that look like they've broken through but are actually just under the surface. POOR GIRL! Every Wednesday for the last two months, she has been in childcare while Brendon and I serve in Merge, our church's premarital class. For the first month, she was a doll, and the childcare ladies couldn't get enough of her. But this last month my normally happy baby has disappeared. She is still happy-ish if Mommy is holding her. But she's so over childcare. I blame it on missing bedtime and teething.

Sweet girl finally started army crawling! She goes about 3 feet and is spent. If she doesn't really take off in the next week and a half, I am thinking in Colorado when she is with her cousins (at the end of this month), she will! Surely.

Thankfully Adeline still takes a bottle, though now that she is getting so much of her nutrition from solids, she doesn't need to as much. This probably explains why the last two times she's had a bottle she has decided to spill it all over herself. She's definitely nursing less than before. Not necessarily less often (I am not trying to wean her at the moment.) but just needing less from me since she is eating meals at the table too.

Her morning nap is inconsistent these days. Some days she takes a great nap for an hour and a half. Other days it's only 45 minutes. And probably close to 50% of the time, she doesn't nap at all. Lilleigh dropped her morning nap two weeks after she turned one, so I'm wondering if Adeline is starting to do the same. I remember being so sad about it with Lilleigh because I wasn't sure how to actually get things done around the house then, but not having a morning nap really opened up our schedule to go do fun outings and such. This round I haven't let Adeline's morning nap stop us from special outings, though I try to be home for her to nap at least 2-3 mornings a week. Still, I am a little sad about this phase coming to an end because I use mornings at home as my special time with Lilleigh to do our "God's Little Explorers School." I'm in the process of figuring out how to still have intentional time with Lilleigh - and "school" time for that matter - with Adeline awake. (On a side note, Lilleigh is only 3 and doesn't really need school yet, but she loves this curriculum we have been doing. And since most of her friends do some type of Mothers Day Out "school," she likes the idea of doing school too. More on that when I do a Lilleigh post soon!)

Adeline's sizes... size 3 diapers and 9 month clothes.

Adeline's schedule, roughly...
6:15ish wake up to nurse, then back to bed
Between 7 and 8 AM - wake up for the day!
Play while Mommy makes breakfast.
Eat breakfast.
Nurse... sometimes she wants to before real food, which is fine, but I try to wait. More for the sake of spacing out her morning feeds. I don't really care though. So much more laid back this round!
Play some more!
9:30/10 If she naps, she will go down about 2 hours after waking up. And then sleep for anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half.
Whenever she wakes up (IF she naps at all), it's playtime, again.
11ish lunch for the girls
Nurse Adeline.
Then play or run errands with Mom!
1ish-3 Naps
5 Nurse
5:30/6 Dinner
7/7:15ish Bed!

I feel like Adeline has changed a lot this month! She's gotten a lot more teeth, making for a more difficult disposition than her normal happiest-baby-ever self. She's also pushed her bedtime back to around 7, allowing for her to read some bedtime stories with us. It's nice to be able to do some of the girls'  bedtime routine together now! Adeline has also been nursing less (per session) and eating a ton of table food. Plus she's crawling! It amazes me the way babies change constantly the first year... really two years... keeps me on me toes! As a friend recently texted me, referring to Adeline's sudden distaste for childcare, "That's so like a baby. Consistently inconsistent." Isn't that the truth!

Adeline let me take a few photos of her playing yesterday...

And then she discovered the sign... See ya, sign...

Nothing is as motivating for crawling as Mommy's feet!


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