Sibling college tour and HFM

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind! Brace yourselves for a long post! 

Three-and-a-half weeks ago we went on a "sibling college tour," starting on a Thursday and driving down to Waco to see Meg and then to Austin on Friday to see Anabelle and William, returning on Saturday to come home. Adeline woke up with a fever on Thursday, but since she had no other symptoms I assumed it was teething and pressed on. 

We loved getting to see Meg! She showed us her dorm room, the Baylor bears, and some of campus! We went out to eat to Ninfas (reminiscent of Brendon's college days). 

Meanwhile back at the hotel, Adeline cried off and on all night, and I vowed to be done with hotels forever. I also decided we weren't going to Austin but going back home because I could not handle another night of that.

While Meg was in class on Friday, we took the girls to the Waco zoo, which was so impressive! Best zoo I've been to, for sure! Great kids area, a baby chimp, bears (why does the Dallas zoo not have them?), and an easy layout! 

Then we met Meg and a friends I hers for lunch at Vitek's (omg so yummy... I'm still dreaming about it!). 

As we were pulling out if the parking lot, we decided to go for it and turn south for Austin instead of turning back for Dallas. We live on the edge. With this decision, we also decided to book an adjoining room for Adeline so as to avoid a repeat of the night before. 

In Austin, we got to see the sorority house, where Anabelle lives, and William's back house. Then we all went to Hula Hut and sat outside overlooking the lake.

Thankfully that night Adeline slept! Though Lilleigh did get up one million times to go to the bathroom. Oy! Our own room never sounded good...

Saturday we met up with Anabelle and one of my college friends for breakfast! 

And then we noticed sores on Adeline's hands and feet... Ga, hand foot mouth! Ugh poor girl legitimately hadn't been feeling good. What a trooper she had been, considering how we were dragging her across Texas! 

It took is THREE hours to get from Austin to Waco! (That should only take 1.5!) 35 stinks. But after 5 hours in the car... Really 6 with stops... We made it! 

It was all uphill for Adeline from there. But then on Sunday night I got a fever. And Tuesday I got sores on my hands and feet... HFM is waaaay worse for adults by the way! Twisting PB jar lids, changing diapers... It all hurt my poor fingers. By Wednesday it hurt to walk. It was so bad I texted SMom at 5:30 in the morning to see if she could drive up to help with the girls. Thankfully she came to help me! (Yay! Thank you times one million!) Wednesday it got progressively worse, and Thursday it remarkably got better throughout the day. It still looked bad but I felt normal by Friday morning. It was the strangest thing! 

There weren't many remedies I found for HFM, and since it's viral, antibiotics aren't an option. I took oatmeal baths with lavender and frankincense EO's, and I covered my hands often in melaleuca, lavender, and purify (diluted). (None of my sores that I used EOs on pussed. I did get some on my elbow that pussed though... Who would think about getting HFM sores on your elbow?) Other than that I just had to bear it. Sleeping was hard because in stillness my hands and feet burned and itched like crazy. The next week, after I was better, my hands and feet started peeling. Shea butter worked wonders.

Adding to the list of things people don't tell you - You get way more sick with small children. And your second child gets sick much more often than your first. Good to know.

And I was totally thinking this would be a never ending post, but I'll finish filling y'all in our last few weeks in the next post. Ciao!


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