Danny and Meredith tied the knot

We recently traveled to Houston to see Meredith (Brendon's sister) get married to Danny! Here are some photos from the big event!

Lilleigh was thrilled to get to go with the bridesmaids to have her nails done! Being a flower girl is a very serious job.

Hubby and me at the rehearsal dinner.

Getting ready on the big day!


Because Lilleigh has this habit of making a terrible fake smile and clenching her teeth, we took some selfies beforehand to practice our "real smiles."

Grammy with the flower girl and ring bearer.

Meredith and Danny's first dance.

Connor and Lilleigh dancing. These two love each other. They never cease of being together, which is amazing to me. Even when we go on week long trips together, these two are joined at the hip constantly.

Glow necklaces at the reception were a big hit among the young 'uns! And here is our family pic of the night. Adeline was even at the wedding briefly, and somehow we missed our opportunity for a photo with her in it! Grr... I'm hoping we can crop a group photo to get one good pic of our little family also!

Me and my fabulous sister-in-law Tarryn. Love her.

Brendon and his brother Ryan, Tarryn's hubby.

Lilleigh and Connor found the photo booth! This was photo 4 on their strip. The top two were blank - they couldn't figure out how to get tall enough to be in the pic! And the third one only had Lilleigh in it! Ha. Finally, though both made the photo!

And oh the glow necklaces!

Congratulations, Danny and Meredith!!


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