Gratitude lately

This post is long overdue, so I'll just say that God is good. I am so grateful. 

I'm grateful for this sweet angel and Minnie Mouse. 

For birthday celebrations.

For awesome weather (on my birthday - holla!) and zoo days.

For sweet community group girls.

And all of our kiddos.

For visits from my dad. And that sweet little one in between us.

For weddings and forever friends.

For my forever wedding date.

For Bucees hats and car shopping carts.

For little helpers. 

For memories repeating themselves.

For getting together with college friends.

For cousins playing.

For siblings.

For clean bathrooms and the beaver.

For two forward-facing girlies.

For a handy hubby and this awesome homeschool/ kid craft table he made.

For date nights and babysitters.

Life is a whole lot more fun when you remember your blessings. I'm counting mine! 



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