Just a few summer updates!

This post is so overdue that frankly, I'm not even sure where to begin. I'm backing way up a few months, so bear with me!

After I started seeing my naturopath and Dr C, I started to see improvement in my symptoms. I had more energy, though sleep was just so-so. I actually got comments that I was looking better physically, not as drained. I could feel my vitamin stores improving.

As for sleep, I did stumble upon tart cherry juice (the concentrate, no dilution) though, which helped me to start sleeping like a normal person! Essentially tart cherries have natural melatonin in them. The average person needs 20-30 MICROgrams of melatonin; however every OTC melatonin I've seen contains 1-5 MILLIgrams of melatonin, which is 5-25 times more than a person needs; hence why it makes many people restless, rather than inducing sleep. Two Tbsp tart cherry juice contains about 50 MICROgrams natural melatonin, so it's not surprising that for many people this is a better option. It's crazy. Good to know - more is not always better.

In March, both Brenda and Dr C said I was at a good point to start trying again. Honestly, I was shocked, totally didn't expect to be given the ok so soon. And I wasn't sure I felt ready. Nonetheless, in April we found out we were expecting!

(Photo taken last week)

Of course, after two miscarriages, this pregnancy has seemed sorta surreal, and I've held it loosely. I was on progesterone and finally breathed a sigh of relief after my last appointment, once I had weaned from the progesterone. I'm now 18 weeks, due right before Christmas, and so so thankful! I feel the baby moving, just little movements, daily. It definitely feels more real. And pregnancy hormones have made me sleep at night! SO thankful.

I was tested for methylation issues, via 23andMe, including MTHFR, but surprisingly (to me, anyway) I came back negative! I do have some methylation issues, for which I am on support, but nothing major.

I'm on adrenal supplements and thyroid meds, the latter of which have made a huge difference! Last pregnancy I was exhausted the entire time and napped daily; I had no idea that wasn't normal for having kids and being pregnant! This time my second trimester energy is definitely back, which, if you've been following our summer, makes this a great (or maybe a not-so-bad) time to be displaced in a hotel!

Speaking of hotel, the update there is that we have at least another month. They are replacing cabinets, which apparently takes 3-4 weeks?! Bizarre. I don't get why you wouldn't save the hotel money and just buy pre-made cabinets. Nonetheless, I'm glad to have cabinets that will actually match my kitchen (they're reusing my old cabinet faces, to ensure it all matches), despite the fact that insurance keeps telling me they don't have a responsibility to make my house match - i.e. our travertine. They're sorta making me crazy on that (and many other things), but I'm hanging in there. So the agenda now includes: finishing ripping out subfloors, mitigation (water damage restoration), opening up a doorway, putting subfloors back in, replacing cabinets, and new floors. You can probably see that the hotel stay is truly the easy part of this whole thing.

We also just celebrated 9 years of marriage and 32 years of my darling hubs! I am thankful each day for my sweet, sensitive husband. Really grateful for God's hand in this. He definitely blessed me with more than I could've dreamed of in a husband. 

So our summer highlights thus far, include...

  • Sleep! Energy!
  • A new pregnancy!
  • A hotel stay, house repairs, lots of eating out, and very close quarters. As Lilleigh said, "Our house is going to feel SO BIG when we go back!" True story. Maybe that's the ticket to not wanting that fourth bedroom.
  • Nine years of marriage, and Brendon's 32nd birthday!
  • And looks like Adeline's birthday COULD be while we are still in a hotel, so I've told her we will do something super fun on her birthday and then do a friend party (I'm so low key though, really) when we are back in our house! Ha.
  • I'm also planning our kindergarten homeschool year! So pumped!
Happy summer, y'all! 


  1. So happy for yall!! Praying for you and baby!

    1. Thanks friend! We are so thankful!


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