Three Months


Happy three month, baby boy! You're officially not a newborn anymore!

I have no idea how much you weigh, but you're still rocking the scales for sure. You wear size 2 diapers and 6 month clothes.

You're getting stronger. You can sit in the bumbo and high chair for little bits of time. If you aren't in momma's arms, your favorite places to be are watching me in your little lamb seat or playing on your play mat. I think you might be over your swing.

You also love the stroller or facing out in the baby carrier. Makes me really glad I upgraded both our double and single strollers this go round! 

You drool a ton and love to chew on your hands. Sweet self soothing baby!

My favorite part of this month has been your laugh! We've only seen it twice, but it has been so special! Once for Momma and once for Aunt Randi. We can't wait to hear it again!

You are currently going to bed around 7:30. It was earlier, but then DST happened. Gives momma some motivation to write our congressman! 

You take a great morning nap and 2-3 shorter afternoon naps. And you do an awesome job of going to sleep on your own. I lay you in your crib or pack n play on your tummy, and you fall asleep. You've been napping well in the crib at PATH as well. I'm thankful! That is an answer to prayer for sure.

This month you had the tummy bug, along with everyone in our house. Yours was diarrhea, not vomiting, but it lasted a whole two weeks, which our nurse practitioner said can be normal. Thankfully you're well now! 

I love you Jamesy Boo Bear!


Your Momma


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