Redeemer of Circumstances

A friend sent me this quote today. I don't have the energy to integrate it into a post or share my thoughts. All I know is it's brought me comfort. God won't waste my pain. He won't waste a single tear.

This quote is just a reminder of that truth. God has not only redeemed me, but He has redeemed my circumstances as well. This is true whether we find ourselves facing grief, an addiction, an unwanted pregnancy, or something else we never dreamed we'd face. Our God redeems it all.

"God is not only a Redeemer of our sin, but He is a Redeemer of our circumstances as well.  He will not waste a single problem, a single heartache, a single tear.  Our God is a Redeemer God, and He stands minute by minute before us, inviting us to let Him have the sorrow, to let Him have the pain, to let Him have the disappointment.  To trust Him to make something useful, something creative of every tragedy that darkens our lives.(Quote taken from an unknown book... tell me if you know)


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