Thankful for the Sun

I am thankful for the sun. It has come out. Literally. Today it was sunny. But today, also, for the first time in four weeks, I was also truly happy. Not just okay. Or fine. I was happy. I know that it's still a long road and that I need to treasure these days, but it gives me hope that there will be joyful, happy days even after my brother's death.

Thanks for bearing with me these last few weeks. The posts may have been hard to read for some of you. And I can't guarantee there won't be more of those. I'm processing. But the sun is back, and today it's shining. I'm thankful for that.

While I'm talking about happy things, I have something you could help me with. The hubs and I are wanting to take a trip. My dad, so generously, gave me miles for my birthday last year. Woo-hoo! So we can fly anywhere. We had talked originally about going to visit friends, but now I'm kinda wanting to do something on our own. What are your thoughts? If we went somewhere soon, we would definitely stay in the US - or possibly Caribbean or Mexico, but not over seas. If we went in the fall, it could be over seas... but the fall is just so far away... I kinda want to get away from life now... so now I ask you, What's someplace you've been that you love?


  1. Okay...I'm a huge traveler (esp before kiddo) I have lots of thoughts. Santa Fe makes a wonderful weekend getaway but you are probably wanting to go further away. I love the US VIrgin Islands...especially St John. The Westin has some good deals from time to time. Email me if you want more scoop....I've been to alot of places...I could write all day!

  2. Shari Reade KeyserApril 24, 2010 at 10:02 AM

    Ashleigh, years ago when we realized Vivianne would be an only child I was in need of getting away to clear my head. We went to Sedona Arizona up in the montains. It's a sweet little artistic town, the soil is orange. So many stars at night, lots of hiking trails, wonderful restraunts.....

    St. John is awesome as is Santa Barbara...

    I am so proud of you and love you tons! So glad that you have had a great day! many hugs! Aunt Shari


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