Mimi's visit, Ice Cream, and Father's Day

Just wanted to give a picture update of our last week!

Mimi and Pierre came to visit. Lilleigh loooved Pierre! And she walked around the house calling for "Mimi." It's just so easy to say!

On Saturday night we hosted an ice cream social for our street. It was in our yard and our next door neighbors' yard. We had a decent turn out. And two families made their own ice cream!



Sunday was Father's Day. We went to church together and then Brendon opened his gifts, with Lil's help! And that night we had friends over for a steak dinner. They are pregnant with their first child, and Tristyn has been on bed rest. Thankfully though she is off bed rest, as of yesterday!



Also last time I updated, Lil was not enjoying swim lessons. I am happy to report that last week we had a fun swim day with some friends. Aunt Randi helped her enjoy the water! Then today at swimming lessons, she was much happier. The water was still kinda cold though (it was only like 78 outside!), so she wasn't the happiest camper but still a huge improvement!


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