18 months!

Whoa! Lil is officially a year and a half! Time has flown by! And I enjoy my job as her mom more each day. She is oodles of fun! Here's a little about my munchkin at 18 months...

She loves to hold hands, and she will say, "hand," and then reach for your hand to take you somewhere. She understands a ton too! This always amazes me. My friend Sylvia was over, and I was telling her about this great kids book by Eric Carle that we got at the library and how Lil loves to "raise her shoulders like a buffalo" like in the book. Lil grabbed Sylvia's hand and took her back to her room to her nightstand where the book was laying! The girl doesn't miss a beat.

The girl loves to sing! And her songs of choice are ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Wheels on the Bus.

Lil loves Elmo and Dora!

She's totally in a daddy phase...

We are still experimenting with potty training - aka taking it slow and getting used to the potty. She's gone pee once and poop twice! Hurray! I'm not going to pick up the pace just yet, but then I start dreaming of a day without diapers...

Lil is still in her crib, on the mid level. She hasn't tried to get out, so I'm not motivated to move it down. And since I've been working on her big girl bed, I'm kinda wanting to move her into it... We shall see! In time!

Lil now says "I lo" for "I love you." Melt my heart! Oh and have I mentioned how she loves giving kisses at bedtime?

As of tonight, she realizes that I have a name other than Momma - Ashy.

She is back in the 95th percentile for height! Tall girl! Maybe she will take after Grammy!


  1. i wouldn’t call it a daddy phase, that suggests it will pass with time...


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