Galveston Recap and Group Pic

We've been home for a week, and I've been desperately trying to catch up and get back in the groove of day to day life around here! I showed you lots of pics of Galv, but here's a cute group photo I just had to post!

We had a lot of fun playing with the grandparents and cousins. Lilleigh really loved playing with Connor, her cousin only 3 months older. I love having them close in age! Every morning she was wake up and say "Car-wa" (aka Connor) and be ready to play!

Most days we hung out at the beach in the morning, brought the babies in for lunch, and laid them down for afternoon naps. Then we would all relax inside for a bit and play out on the deck with the baby pool when they woke up. And each night, we enjoyed yummy home cooking... we were broken up into pairs and each took turns cooking. It was a pretty great and relaxing set up!


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