Finding Joy in 2015

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A new year, new resolutions. Last year I took a new approach to New Years resolutions. I chose one word to sum up how I wanted to summarize my 2014. My one word was "intentional." In each area from Bible study to time with my girls to time with Brendon to the blog to finances, I tried really hard to focus and be more intentional with my resources and activities. Of course, there's certainly a good deal more I could do in this area, but surprisingly this is a resolution I carried through during the year.  I say surprisingly because who really keeps New Years resolutions? But this one really resonated with me. "Be intentional" became my mantra for 2014. This is discipline that has changed my thinking around the home for sure, and I am thankful for it. Many days I try to think of things to do with the girls that is meaningful, rather than getting chores done and giving them the leftovers. We still have plenty of those days though, let me assure you! Overall though I feel I've taken strides in this area. It's been a year of growth, one that required planning, which I love, yet also going with the flow, which has not my strong suit, though I like to think I've improved.

My word for 2015 is "joy." I am currently reading In This House We Will Giggle, and the first chapter on joy struck a cord in me. Courtney DeFeo describes joy as "choosing to praise God in all things." I love that. Short and sweet. He is in control, and my hope lies in God alone. I can rest assured in His authority. When I am constantly praising Him - in the good and the bad, my demeanor changes. Joyfulness doesn't equal happiness, but many times happiness oozes from joy.

Aren't we all drawn to people who radiate joy? I walk away thinking, "Lord, give me more for more of whatever she has!" I long for my girls to know and love Jesus, and what a better way than by allowing myself and my home to shine with joy! 

I don't have a web of ideas drawn out in the same way I did for 2014. Maybe because "joy" doesn't lend itself to the planning that "intentionality" does, but nonetheless I'm pumped! Here's to 2015! 


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