A Snowy Good Time in Colorado

We went to visit Brendon's grandparents in Colorado last weekend. Time with them was so special. 

Adeline loves airplanes, so going to the airport and seeing planes, let alone riding on one, was super exciting!

Then while we were there the girls had a blast with Grandma and PaPa. It was so sweet to see PaPa act like a monster and chase Adeline around as she screamed with delight. Adeline also managed to get Grandma to toss the balloon around with her.

Both girls really enjoyed the half door and pretending to be Starbucks baristas. (The fact that they play "Starbucks" is slightly embarrassing. But hey, there's a reason everyone got me Starbucks cards for Christmas! Thank you, by the way!)

The girls loved the snow! Brendon and Lilleigh made a snow slide that we all took turns sliding down with the trash can lid. Both girls loved making snow angels. Adeline enjoyed the snow but was ready to come in once she was cold. Lilleigh really loved playing in the snow though and spent a good deal of time out there! 

I tried to get a picture of Brendon and the girls with the grandparents. Anyone notice how hard a group picture (with everyone smiling) is? I must have 20 on my phone! 

Till next time!


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