Adeline at 2-1/2!

This girl keeps me on my toes. She also keeps me embraced in her arms for "mommy-only" snuggles! 

She has courage. High slides aren't a problem.

This picture was taken at The Heard wildlife sanctuary and museum. They have large, fierce looking dinosaurs there that roar. Adeline hates them. She's actually been having nightmares about the "monsters from the Heard" lately. That poor girl. And poor mommy and daddy since we are the ones up with her. Yawn.

Yesterday we sang our Joshua 1:9 song, prayed for a peaceful night, and made a "no monsters/ dinosaurs allowed" sign for her door. Last night she slept through the entire night. Praying that lasts!

She still takes good 2-hour naps. Sometimes longer, but usually right around 2. Mommy loves good sleepers.

We love Pei Wei! This weekend I took just Adeline on a date to Pei Wei. So special! We went to the park to swing afterwards. Adeline's favorite thing to do might be to swing.

The girls love their teepee they got for Christmas from Papa Larry! It's been such a fun fort, readingnook, nap time hideout... 

Adeline is also full of energy and will. She is strong-willed, so discipline is something we are having to stay on top of.

I love this precious girl to the moon and back!!

PS I thought I posted this post and the one on Lilleigh awhile ago, but alas they were still in my drafts. Publishing now! 


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