Our Anniversary

Yesterday was really sweet. Brendon took off work at lunch to take me to lunch. We went to the Baker Bros in Addison (my fave), but it was closed!! So sad. Anyway we didn't have a ton of time because I had to go to class, so we went to the Chickfila nearby! We do love Chickfila.

Then when I got home from class, I found that he had left me roses on my desk with a card telling me when to be ready to leave for dinner and what to wear. I love the thought he put into this!

For dinner we went to Three Forks, which was delicious! We actually had a gift card (nice gift, I know) from there that, of course, we hadn't used because neither of us are into fancy restaurants unless it truly is a special occasion. It was a wonderful evening and really great food! I highly recommend it, especially their pan-seared lamb.

And lastly, Brendon surprised me by taking me out of town this weekend!! I can't wait! I have been dying to get out of Dallas! So this surprise was supposed to come after dinner. Brendon had a sweet card saying we were going on a get-away (but not saying where to) and he had gotten my Neutrogena Dry Touch (the best kind) sunscreen to get me all stirred up, trying to figure out where we would be going. He knows me too well. Anyways, it was supposed to be a surprise, but his cousin Facebook messaged both of us saying something to the effect of "Have fun in the country this weekend..." and something about a pool. At first, I disregarded the message, thinking he was confused. But then I remember how Brendon had been really intent on me taking off from class on Friday, which is also his birthday... I just thought he was making a big deal about his birthday because I make a big deal about mine... hmm... okay I put it together. Still, the fact that he kept it from me for this many weeks is HUGE. I always figure it out! Way to go, B! So this weekend, we're going to his cousin's country home... just like it sounds, very country, very quaint, very quiet. So excited!

This was definitely a wonderful anniversary. Brendon is definitely not a planner, and this whole thing took a ton of planning on his part. I'm so impressed, and I feel so lucky! I have an amazing husband!


  1. yay! I can comment again :) I hope y'all have a great time.


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