Dogs are funny. And I find our dog particularly funny because she's so smart; she catches on very quickly... almost too quickly for being a dog. She's also extremely well-mannered. Friends come over and just laugh the whole time because she sits up on the couch as if she's a human. Yes, we let her on the couch... she's very calm and polite. Like I said, very much like a human. (We know she's a dog though. Don't worry. We're not THOSE dog lovers. You know who I'm talking about.)

Another thing that makes me laugh is how she always knows when we're talking about her. Brendon and I can be talking, not even looking at or paying attention to her, and the second she hears "Sammy," her ears perk up, her tail starts wagging (really, more of a bounce), and she positions herself directly underneath us - to receive pets, of course. It really is funny. She just knows. When her ears are up and tail wagging, we joke and whisper, "She knows." Like I said, she's smart. So now we've come up with a code name for her. "She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named." We'll see how long it takes her to catch onto that one.


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