Four Christmases

We have tons of family. Between my husband and I we have FIVE families. I think when people hear our story, they feel sorry for us. And most people don't get, which I don't expect them to. For example, I mentioned how we have all five of our families in Houston, so even when we go in town for a weekend, we are constantly trying to see everyone - just to make time for at least one meal with each parent. To this, my friend responded that she understood because when they visit her husband's family, they have to split time between his parents (still married) and his brother... People don't get it. But that's okay. I've accepted that. And I know my friend meant well. Maybe it's better that people don't quite get it. I don't want people to feel sorry for us. This is just how life is. I've never known differently. In college, I came home for a weekend and tried to divide my time between three parents.

So yes, Christmas is crazy... and sometimes a bit stressful. When Four Christmases, with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn, came out last year, I thought this was going to be our movie, showing the reality of divorced families and having so many Christmases - in a humorous light of course. But in actuality, this movie treated marriage as an institution to be avoided. Reese and Vince's characters had decided never to get married, and the movie actually ended with them vowing to stick to this decision. It made me sad because this was the perfect opportunity to promote marriage by having these characters vow to make a generational change and show what divorce is doing to society, but of course, Hollywood missed this opportunity...

With Christmas two days away, I am reminded of this movie because even with RMom out of town, we still have four families, rather than five, to see on Christmas. Like I said, at times this is overwhelming, but at other times, I am amazed at the many families that love us and that we love. I would never choose to be a child of divorce, but I would say we are blessed with how things have worked out. Everyone gets along. SMom actually invited my dad and his siblings and Brendon's parents and extended family over on Christmas eve! I am so thankful for the way things have turned out. We couldn't ask for better families.


  1. Stopping by from SITS and Thankfully Thrifty! I read your post and I HAD to comment. My husband and I have 4 families between us. Our baby has 8 grandparents! Christmas time is always so crazy and takes major planning! My husband and I felt the same way about 4 Christmases. We thought it would be OUR movie, as well. We could definitely relate, but we didn't think we "were" either one of those characters. Hope you had a great Christmas!


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