Sometime's life is hard.

I just sent an email to friends for prayer. Rather than retyping, I'm copying and pasting. I'm drained.

Hi friends,
I just wanted to send you a quick update on Ian, Tarryn's dad. He's not doing well at all and is back in the hospital. They are looking into hospice care, if he gets to come home. It's all just really sad. I know they aren't expecting it to be much longer before he dies. So I would just ask for your prayers over the next few days for the Macpherson family. Pray for comfort and for God to use this to bring them all closer to Him.
And on another note, I also wanted to ask you to pray for my friend Holly. She was pregnant and due in March but went into labor this week and had the baby at 25 weeks, which is the (I believe) the week that doctors say if the baby is born, it actually has a chance of living. While that's a praise, 25 weeks is incredibly early, and there is a ton of developing that still needs to be done. So please keep Holly, Ryan, and baby Sophie in your prayers as well.
Sorry this couldn't be a more uplifting email, but I appreciate your prayers so much. It's comforting to know that even when we don't know how to pray, the Spirit does and will intercede for us.
Thanks for being such great friends that I can share this with you.

The latest update is that Ian has passed away. I would appreciate it if you all would keep the Macpherson family in your prayers.

With so much going on, I am finding it hard to concentrate on school... final papers, finals... I just don't have the energy. Sometimes life is hard, and this is definitely one of those times. But I have confidence knowing that God is sovereign. Thank You, Lord, for being a God we can trust, even when things are difficult. I don't understand Your purposes or Your ways, but I know I can trust You. And for now, that is enough.


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