I heart these.

From JCrew.

I think these are precious! 

I always find myself in a bind with school dress code and winter weather. Dressing up is not my thing. Heels are not my thing. I can do boots, but sometimes that's too much effort for school. So I typically meet the minimal dress code standards. No blue jeans. So I'll wear denim trousers or cords in the winter. Then what shoes to wear? Like I said, boots are effort. Ballet flats leave my feet frozen, though sometimes it's worth it. I wear my Ugg moccasins when I can, not gonna lie, but still I don't want to be known as "slippers girl." To mix it up, these cute tennis shoes would just be really cute! I don't think they count as normal tennis shoes because they look nicer. So by my standards, I can wear them. And I love that I could wear them with jeans or cords in the winter and then capris and shorts in the summer. You can be cute and comfy! 

I may have just sold myself on these. But I'm determined to find them cheaper.


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