Public Transit

A couple weeks ago my hubby began taking public transportation. Keep in mind - we don't live in a city where this is normal! The Dart in Dallas is not exactly the happening place to be. But the Lord had really been laying on his heart that this was something he should start doing. He is surrounded by Christians each day at work and rarely has the opportunity to meet new people and share Christ with them. So he began taking to Dart specifically to share Christ with those he meets.

Hubby has even decided that he wants to sell his Highlander. It will save us money each month, which is great, but we are definitely doing fine now financially. So while that is a plus, his main reasoning behind this is that one less car will allow us to have more money to give away.

Plus he keeps saying two cars is a luxury most people don't have. At most, we'll be burdened a couple times a month. So true! But the thought of one car is hard to swallow!

But at the same time, I'm amazed by the husband God has given me. I can't say my hubby's decision surprised me. It seemed like something he would do. But I am still so impressed. I am so blessed to be married to such a godly man that desires to serve the Lord so much. I learn tons from him each day. He's constantly directing me to Christ, even in the little things that he doesn't mean for me to see. I am humbled by the way he serves God so obediently and with such dedication.

Lord, help me to be half the servant he is. Thank you for pairing us together.


  1. Wow, that is awesome that he chooses the dart instead of driving!

    The Opening Bell is in downtown Dallas, it's an underground coffee shop, here's their website:

    Off to visit your other blog!


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