A New Favorite on TV

You may remember back in the fall when I reported that FlashForward was the best new show on TV... well any of you who actually watched it, know that this "best new show" status was short lived. The writers got lost in the story line. I'm still hopeful it will redeem itself. But to do that, I think they need a little help from the two main writers of Lost...

For now, my latest TV find has yet to disappoint! ABC's new show The Middle is hilarious! And this actress, who plays a middle child named Sue, makes it. On the show, Sue ise a high school misift trying to find her place in the world. She keeps me laughing constantly. I fear the reason may be because I was her back in the day.

While we're talking about TV, what happened to The Office? Oh my... not even sure if it's worth watching anymore. Last night's was good, but it still has a way to go to be back on the top of m list. Community is great though.

With all the shows I watch, would you ever guess that I don't have cable?

Now to you... Any new TV finds on your end? What's your favorite show - new or old?


  1. Haven't watched that yet, but I have watched Modern Family. It is pretty funny. I think it comes on after The Middle. I LOVE all of the Thursday night shows on NBC. Maybe it is because I work for a city, but Isaac and I love Parks & Rec, but I know a lot of other people don't. I still love The Office (shout out to Kathy Bates, SMU Alum - well I'm not sure if she ever graduated) and we also love Community and 30 Rock too. This is definitely our main TV night :) I'm still working on getting back into LOST, but it does creep me out to watch.

  2. Wait whose Kathy Bates??? I know Kevin went to SMU - big claim huh? Haha. And Angela went to Baylor, so B loves that!
    And I love Parks and Rec also. :) I guess I should have included that on my list. I think its HILARIOUS!

  3. I agree, The Office is getting a little stale, but I am loving Community and Parks and Rec...I think P&R is the best comedy on right now. Every episode is perfection (once they figured out what they were doing...Seaon 1 was pretty bad). I think comedies need a 5-year shelf life or something. 30 Rock isn't so great anymore either.

    Of course, I'm loving LOST! A lot of shows could take a lesson from LOST and pre-determine an end date...I think it would really help the creative flow and storytelling.

  4. I agree. It took Parks a bit to catch on, but once they did, it became awesome! I especially love how Joeb (from Arrested Development) guest starred! Did you know that he and Amy Poehler are married? I totally see it. I bet their stomachs are always cramping from laughing so hard. They're both just so funny!
    And totally agree about the end date. Lost got a little lost (pun intended :) ) in their writing in season 2 or 3 - whenever they were in the Others' camp - but once the end date was set, things picked up. Such a great show.
    Writers of Lost, please read this and go help FlashFoward. Thank you.


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